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From Homeless to House of Representatives

A third-generation commercial sandblaster who grew up on a small cattle ranch, Kat has never shied away from hard work.

Kat had hoped to take over her family business, but shortly before graduating from college, a failed Obama-era housing program forced her family to lose it all. A program that eventually resulted in millions of Americans losing their homes through no fault of their own.

As a result, Kat was left homeless. Living out of her car and cheap motels with her mother, she was motivated to fight back against the failures of big government that left her family with nothing. Kat pulled herself up by her bootstraps and dedicated her life’s work to defeating Washington’s overreach and advancing individual freedoms. As a result, she has truly gone from homeless to the House of Representatives in less than a decade.

Kat Cammack - Holding Joe Biden and The Far-Left Accountable in Congress Image

Holding Joe Biden and The Far-Left Accountable in Congress

In Congress, Kat has a record of holding Joe Biden and the far-Left in Washington accountable. She’s adamant about securing the southern border, will always advocate for our small businesses, and has never wavered in her support for the Second Amendment. An ardent budget hawk, she believes taxes should be low and that we must keep government spending minimal and efficient. A civilian graduate of the United States Naval War College, Kat also understands our nation’s duty to stand up for our veterans and first responders.

While many in Washington talk the talk, Kat has walked the walk as well. In her short time in Congress, she already has a long list of accomplishments she’s delivered on for her district and the American people.

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